Springerdoodle Puppies
I will be adding more pictures and details late
this week once the puppies are a little older.
They will be ready to meet from Sunday May 6th.
Ready to go to their new homes May 26th onwards.

Mum Pip is a liver and white working English Springer Spaniel. She is fully trained for working and has had a previous
litter of 6 wonderful Chocolate babies. She has six again 3 girls, 3 boys.

Father is our fantastic new boy Rufus's first Springerdoodle litter hes a miniature Chocolate Poodle he's also fully
DNA clear for PRA. He stands 15" tall.

We expect this litter to mature to 15-16"

Puppies will all mature to have that typical doodle teddy bear type coat and be low shedding.

Both parents are fully KC reg and Puppies come with details of parents health checks etc.
Puppy packs with food, feeding toilet training and aftercare guide, free puppy
insurance, a scent blanket from their Mum help them settle into their new homes and
full aftercare advice should you need it!

Puppies are priced at £950 (£250 deposit and balance on collection)
Puppy 1 Chocolate Bitch
RESERVED By Sharon, Iain & Big sister Bree. Going to live in Fife
Puppy 3 Chocolate Bitch with white markings
RESERVED By Fraser, Lauren & Lewis. Going to live in Kilmarnock
Puppy 2 Chocolate & White Bitch
RESERVED By Maxine, James & Freddie. Going to live in Surrey
Puppy 4 Chocolate Dog
RESERVED By Rebecca, Steven, Joshua & Lucy. Going to live in West Yorkshire.
Puppy 5 Chocolate & White Dog
RESERVED By Jan. Going to live in Shropshire.
Puppy 6 Chocolate Dog
RESERVED By Tina, Tom, Sorcha & Alexander. Going to live in Kent
This litter are all reserved
Update 22/04/18
Hi Everyone, well Spring is final here and even the puppies are growing like weeds. Its amazing to see how
much they change every day.
Their eyes are now open and they are starting to get about on little wobbly legs. Another week and there
will be no topping them. Being two litters of 6 both mums have plenty of milk and room at the milk bar isn't
to tight so they are all thriving with little interference from me. Although interfering is my favourite thing i am
constantly weighing, snuggling, they even had their first little nail trim today which went down fine with the
pups although Jazz and Pip are sick of the site of me bothering their babies and look at me as if to say
buzz off we are just fine!
New video below. I will have collars on when they are a little older so you can all see who is who, but for
now thought it would be nice for you to see how they have all come on.
Update 29/04/18

Hi to all the new families.
We has our first try of puppy meat today. I thought as i often do it might be fun to catch their first attempt at eating on camera which was
rather funny. I will do another action video late in the week as their collars are on. But for now i thought it would be nice to again see how
they had grown.

One was a little more interested in my shoe but they all give i a good try i will however work on table manners as they age not ideal getting
in the dish! They always do when small they all push up when feeding off Mum and it takes them a while to release they don't have to with
puppy meat. I filmed Jazz's brood first and all you can hear is them complaining, i put Jazz back in soon as they had eaten and they was all
telling her a right tale.

They have also had their first mini brush and nail trim this weekend. I am sure they will see me coming tonight and think what now!! But its
great now we can start introducing new things a little at a time. We've also started them on a little bedding on top of their vet bed as we will
pop them over on to that completely in a week or so ready to start house training at 6 weeks.

Once a little older we will start introducing their food and weaning the meat out so they will just be on dry complete by the time you guys
collect them. I will pop an email round with all the details of that this week.

But all is going wonderfully this end Mum and brood all thriving.
Update 11/05/18
Hi Everyone, Two weeks to go and all is great this end. All the pups are doing
fantastic, eating well and are at last old enough to be doing a little more with.
I am sure the wait is feeling like forever your end but its flying by here. I have done a
new video of there last meal in their big dish. We are moving onto pot bowls now and
starting to take out the puppy meat.
We have had our first little mini trips out which went well. See you all in 2 weeks.
Update 19/05/18

As you can see they are getting bigger and cheekier by that day! I know you are all collecting next
weekend but i thought i would do one last update keep you all going.

They are all eating well, just the redmills mother and puppy now dry, which i will have down to three
times a day by the time they are ready to go.
We are also busy stinking up blankets ready for them to go to their new homes, they very much
seem to enjoy that job.