Cockapoo Puppies
Cockapoos are a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and Poodle.

Cocker Spaniels are very gentle loving dogs, with a very good nature, the Cockapoos have the same great easy
going nature of the spaniel but tend to be that bit calmer. Miniature poodles are very quite they make great family
dogs they need much less exercise than Spaniels although equally as bright, they are very soft and friendly
Spaniels again have a wonderful nature but can often be for to busy for family pet and need a lot of exercise.

The cross between the two breeds is ideal, it makes for a fantastic family pet with enough energy to play with the
children and go for family walks etc. With a loving loyal nature eager to please and quick to learn.

They come in many different colours generally solid coats Chocolate, Black, Apricot, Cream with some white
markings, but it is possible to get part colours like a spaniel.

Our cocker spaniel's are small and well built. Unlike the show type cocker's that are quite tall with long coats,
Working type dogs are smaller more compact with shorter coats. Both types make equally as good family pets,
although show types need a lot of grooming.

We are expect our litters to mature to 14-16" around the size of there parents.

We don't have any Cockapoo puppies planned or on the way at the moment.
We are hoping for a litter from our 2 year old Ruby later this year. I will update
the page as soon as we have an idea of dates.