the lead and come easily when called even when other dogs about. Luca loves to fetch Enzo
loves to take it off him when he brings it back .Please feel free to ask for
updates/recommendations when you want its no problem. Fiona.
Dear Sam, we are delighted that my sister Claire and our niece Phoebe have Bobby (Millie
and Oz's puppy nos 6). Awwww SO cute. They all are. I wish I could accommodate more!
Jasper and Bessie will make great mates for Bobby and we can't wait to meet him. Claire has
said it's ok for me to come with her so REALLY looking forward to seeing you again. Thanks
so much for the work you do. You are an amazing and lovely person and this shows in the
puppies you breed. Thank you for Jasper, Bessie and now Bobby! See you soon, lots of
love, Mon, Dave and family and all our puppies!
Jasper & Bessie who live in Cheshire with
Mon and Dave
Here are a few photo's of Rosie-pop and Lulu-pop.  They still both have a
was smaller she would climb under the girls small chairs to sleep/or to be
near us, she's already a bit big for that now.  Chiara is still up early
each day to spend as much time as she can with them but I am surprised
how much Lexy wants to be around them too as she was a little reticent at
first, now I find her on the floor with the dogs letting them lick her all
over her face. They are a lovely addition to our family.

I will send you more pictures when they are bigger so you can see their
Best wishes
Dukey the Springerdoodle Who lives with Kate & Family in Cambridge
dog flap to the roof garden and if he went through that for toilets he got a bone!He still has the odd wee
accident, but they are getting few and far between! Genius puppy...that's what I say!He goes to puppy
school every Monday evening and is a little star.He's also a hit with all the locals...although it does get a
bit much running up and down to fetch him so they can see him.even if her legs are dangling from the
high chair. I think he him sometimes...but its up to Zach to show him who's boss and how far he can go!
Anyway, I hope all Dukey's little brothers and Sisters have settled into their new homes. We are so glad
to have him in our family, he's a great little pup.Regards, Kate
Hi Sam,
Hope your all well. Glad to see your planning another litter of
Cockerpoo’s, and it’s great to see Jasper on your site again. He is
such a wonderful dog, with so much character and love. He is very
month, has it really been a year already! We’ve attached some
recent photos of Jasper on his holidays in Cornwall, feel free to use
them on your site. Looking forward to seeing the new pups 
Jasper, Claire and Darrel.
Hi Sam
Thought you might like a photo of Parker at 2.5 years! He is still wonderful. Very gentle and still
loves chasing and catching various wildlife. Discovered a love of tennis balls about a year ago
and every walk has to include a fair amount of kicking by us and catching by him. Another
photo to follow shows him in action!
Hope you are well. John & Jean
Hi Sam, I hope this email finds you and your family well! It’s now over a year since we drove all the way in the snow to Yorkshire in
is to tug on Hettie’s ears and try and take her out by nibbling on her ankles, the other thing she does is to try and drag her by the
collar on the floor & Hettie always goes back for more!! & We are so pleased we have Dotty, she really has rejuvenated Hettie into
a born again puppy and we love her so much. We are so pleased we found your website and were lucky enough to have one of
your puppies. Hope you like the pics!LoveRachel x
Hi Sam, hope you are well?
Daisie our daughter was feeling poorly so he jumped up to look after her!
He is absolutely gorgeous and has really settled down now to become a very calm,
he loves. He is truly amazing with all our kids and lets them climb all over him and
fuss him without batting an eye lid ! Take care
Louise & Ben
All the kids and Bodie the Goldendoodle xxx
Nige the Springerdoodle who now lives with Katie & Family in West Yorkshire
friendly, happy dog!  He gets compliments wherever he goes!  I've included a picture
Just a quick message to say a massive thank you for our wonderful dog!  Nige is so
you can see for yourself what a gorgeous boy he's turned into!Thank you again,
with Amanda & family in Surrey
Hi Sam,

the best most amazing dog anyone could
ever wish for, we have so much fun with
her and she is brilliant with people. Thank
you so much.
Hope all well with you and the dogs?
Labradoodle Who now lives with Pete & Family in Canberra Australia
the email, we've had our boy just over 3 years now. Last year we moved to
Australia; but couldn't come without him.  Are we your furthest flung doodle?
We had to go 6 months with him living with a dog sitter in the UK whilst we got set
up in Canberra due to the strict immigration laws over here, but he's now been with
us out here for a year and loves it. He gets a lot of positive attention when we're
out from passers-by and I've not met a dog who loves swimming as much as he
does. As soon as he smells the ocean he gets incredibly excited and will play in
the surf all day long given the chance.
Hi Sam Thought you'd like an update on the puppies. &They are fantastic, sleep together and play all day.
Maple Springerdoodle Kat & family in Devon
Hi Sam,
Maple is very settled here, growing fast, we take her
everywhere so looking forward to being able to let her walk
to train and so well behaved at work with me. We are all
loving our new family member.
Amber the Springerdoodle, who now lives with Hi
Certainly keeps us on our toes!! Full of fun and very
smart. All the family love her. Brenda x
bright and the best companion. Loved dearly and so
glad we found your website. Just looking at the new
mummies picking up there babies hope they enjoy them
half as much as we do our boy xxx
Molly and Meg the Springerdoodles who now live with Lisa & family in Newcastle
Hi Sam, thought you'd like to see how our two, Molly and Meg (No 4 & 5) from Meg and Oz's
Feb 2014 litter are getting on. This was taken last week during our 2nd caravan holiday
with them, and you can see how big they have gotten. We think we might have to get a
them both, as they are great company for each other.them both, as they are great
company for each other.
and family in North Yorkshire
Happy New Year!
Treacle has just celebrated her 3rd Birthday
(29/12/13 - Oz & Holly). Mischievous, energetic,
lovable. We would not be without her
Margot the Springerdoodle who lives with Fee and family in Kent
(Izzy & Oz )on her first little walk to the park this morning. She loved it! She has settled
into our family and life brilliantly. She is such a character, nothing fazes her!
a real character but gives us so much love and the best cuddles on the sofa. Wishing her
brothers and sisters a very happy 1st birthday too
Grace the Cockapoo who lives with Mandy and family in East Yorkshire
Hi Sam today I turned one!!! would like to wish all my brothers and sisters a very happy
Star the Springerdoodle who now lives with Amy and family in North Yorkshire
At 6 months posing beside the Xmas tree trying to be a good girl!
Flossie the Springerdoodle who now lives with Yvonne and
family in Bristol
2 today parents olly and pip she is the best thing so loving and funny.
Murphy the Springerdoodle who now lives with Vickie and family in Manchester
(Jazz and Oz) our cheeky loveable boy who loves tennis balls.
Luna the Springerdoodle who now lives with Joanne
and family in East Yorkshire
Hi Sam thought I'd share some new photos of Luna , she's
2 today . Would love to see her brothers and sisters
Nerys & Wilf Springerdoodles living with Angie and family in Greater Manchester
they adore each other lovely to see pics of all the others x
Newcastle Now also little sister Molly
Hi Sam,
Here are my 2 little boys Barney & Jasper both settling very well, they are so cute
and love getting their photos taken. Fens litter July 2014 pups 6 & 8. Here is
Molly x Just been to the groomers.
Louie the Cockapoo who now lives with Andrew and Julie in Tyne & Wear
Louie (Dom No 5) enjoys his first steam train journey.
Also Louie, Dom No 5, aged 4 months
Lola the Cockapoo, who now lives Dawn & family in South Yorkshire
out the birds lol. Here's a photo of her all grown up.Dawn x
Hi Sam, Here are the photo's we had took of Maisy and Lola, I think the one of Lola on her own shows she is a girl with 'attitude' lol. We have had another weekend away in Dovedale
and they have loved every minute of it, We were at a country fair a few weeks ago and Lola went in a few classes with my grandaughter and they got placed everytime (cost me a small
fortune lol ). She even came 2nd in the class 'the dog the judge would like to take home' beating about 20 other entrants. Lola is now taller and heavier than Maisy and gives her a run
for her money. Hope all is well with you.
Alfie the Springerdoodle who now lives with Catherine & Family in Scotland
Hi Sam,I thought I would send you an update on Alfie (puppy 7) Alfie has settled in very well in his new home in
Scotland. He is full of fun and has developed a very cheeky personality. We love him to bits as he is very loving
playing in the garden on a sunny day. Thanks for a great puppy Catherine,Mark,Caitlin,Elise and Alfie xx
West Yorkshire with Tracy & Family  
Bramble is 3 today (Wizz & Oz). She's still as crazy as
the day we brought her home & we love her dearly.
our local Scruffs dog show on Sunday where this pic
was taken haha.
Delia the Springerdoodle who now lives with Chloe and family in East Yorkshire  
Just a quick update on Della (Jess & Oz)
She is a fantastic girl, with a beautiful temperament, and exceptional intelligence. The first
week was a delight! She is learning so quickly, and growing so fast!
We couldn't have wished for a better behaved, more loving puppy!! She is a credit to you
and I'd like thank you for all the hard work you put in to breeding beautiful dogs.
She even has her own Instagram account @della_sproodle, where she's met some of her
sisters, and other new friends!
Ted the Springerdoodle who now lives
This is ted on a shoot day & in the park
Wicket the Springerdoodle who
now lives with Linda and Family.
she is a lovely dog Sam, thank you
very much for her
Ella & Tess the Springerdoodle, Both live with Emma
and her family in Cheshire
Ella and Jess, both from Fen and Oz litters. Love them to bits.
Dylan the Springerdoodle who now lives with Mel and family
Here's Dylan, Kai and Star's Brother, wishing his siblings Merry Christmas xx ps this
was pre fur trim but the only one I have on my phone
Xena the Springerdoodle who now lives with Robyn and family in Northumberland
Our beautiful fur baby thinking she's a human baby like her brother ... We couldn't have asked for or
chosen a more beautiful, loving pup
Bhodi the Springerdoodle who lives with Lucy and family in London.
So 5 days after bringing her home, Bodhi is housetrained (in virtually 24hrs!), can
sit, say hello and (sometimes) stay. She hasn't cried once at night and just hops in
her crate and sleeps (I think she'd sleep the whole way through if this silly 'hoomin'
didn't insist on waking her up to take her out at 3am!). She sleeps by my feet when
brothers and sisters (Pep & Oz). Bodhi now lives near London.
Coco the Springerdoodle who now lives with Lynne and family in Dundee
Happy 1st Birthday to this handsome man Coco. Puppy no 2 Peppa and Ollys litter!
Bear the Springerdoodle who now lives with Tina and
family in Nottinghamshire
My daughter with Bear ( No.8 Grouse & Ollie July 16) passing
their Puppy Kennel Club Good Citizen Award
Molly the Springerdoodle who lives with Debbie and family in
We are visiting Carmarthenshire from Yorkshire, and Molly started to
play with a lookalike dog called Carter, who was visiting from
Cambridgeshire. Turned out they are half siblings...that Oz gets about
Roxy the Springerdoodle who now lives with Kirsty and family in
Newcastle upon tyne
Happy 1st birthday today 21st aug to all the dogs from Jess and Oz! From
our dog Roxy xx
Jasper the Springerdoodle who now lives in West Yorkshire
with Sarah and family
Our beautiful fur beast Jasper! 1 year old today! He couldn't be
more loved or spoilt! Happy birthday to all his brothers and sisters
too! Lola and Oz 19th April 2015
Meg the Springerdoodle who now lives in west Yorkshire with
Debra and family
1 Today! (DOB 21/02/2015) Happy Birthday to all my siblings xx ...and Hi
Rosie the Sringerdoodle who lives with Shirley and family
Wow, can't believe the likeness, Rosie is 2 years old
Hi sam
It's all about the Base bout the Base
Roll on summer I'm sick of being waterlogged
Murphy the Springerdoodle who now lives in Dundee with Shirley
and family
Murphy getting a big boy now. Puppy no. 6 sage and oz litter. Lovable boy
but a bit naughty and cheeky
now live in West Yorkshire with Judd and family