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Libby English Springer Spaniel who lives in Tyne and Wear with Sharon and
Hi ya Sam,
I was just looking at your website to see how the dogs were doing and thought I’d let
you know how Gypsy’s pup number 3 is getting on.  By the time we got home we’d
named her “Libby”.
She’s very mischievous but loving too and loves nothing better than to curl up with
you on the settee after a being out for a walk.  Libby loves the beach and wasn’t
afraid of the water pools the first time we took her down, although its taken a few
times before she went into the sea and she loves helping in the garden!  
Thanks again for a beautiful puppy!
Jet the Springerdoodle who lives in Yorkshire with Jane and family
Hi Sam
Here's a photo of Jet taken yesterday.
Jane x
Asha The Springer who now lives with Andy in the West Midlands
Hi Sam,
Been a while since we last spoke, I hope that you are all well up by the
Humber.  You'll remember Asha, the springer that joined us towards the
end of last year.  I thought I would drop you a note and let you know
how she's coming on. Regards, Andy
Jet & Coco
The Springerdoodles. Who now live in Fife, Scotland with Hazel & Family
Thanks again for coco and jet. They are doing really well and are lovely gentle  boys
Mike The Springerdoodle who now lives with Alison and family in Kent
been to puppy training He has obviously done a few naughty things (steeling food off the side, chewing dummies etc) but he
watching what you leave around when they are small. Loves his chews. & I am  looking forward to our first summer all
together.I have attached some pictures so that you can see what a grown up boy he is now!Once again, thank you so much
for such a lovely, affectionate dog (ps - the non shedding is BRILLIANT! Other dog owners are very jealous when I say he
doesn’t malt, especially as he has such a lovely coat).Thank You!!!! Lots of love from Alison and family xx
family in Scotland
months old and we can't remember a time when she wasn't a
member of the family!!! She is full of fun, love and more than
Izzie the Springerdoodle is coming along....  She is now 8 her
fair share of mischief!!  She is getting very good off the lead
(altho easily distracted by imaginary leaves ) and as the
attached photo shows, she had no hesitation in extending her
friendliness to 9 swans...
The children love her and she is so gentle with them, although
her enthusiastic welcome for them when they come in from
school knows no bounds :)
We love Izzie (or Fruit-Loop as my friends call her...ahem) ,
she is an adorable member of the family and the best decision
we ever made!!
Kind Regards
Fiona, Scott (9) and Lorna (8)
Lizzie the Springerdoodles Who now lives
He very quickly became toilet trained, in fact he instantly knew
for a few weeks until he learned to go outside.  Once he was
does lots of 'good swimming'!

You did a brilliant job, along with his Mum, of rearing him and
will definitely be coming back to you very soon to get him a
brother or sister!

Lots of love
Suzanne, Richard, Jack and Harrison and Griff!
Edgar & Gryffin Springerdoodles who now live in Cumbria with Keenan & Family
Hi Sam,
Hope you are well girl?
Thought I'd give you a quick update on our darling pups Edgar and Gryffin.
They are absolutely amazing and are doing ever so well for ones so young.
They are now house trained, they walk with me everywhere off the lead.
I have to laugh, although Gryffin is the one who looks more like a spaniel, he is definitely more
Edgar uses his nose a lot more, he chases a ball and brings it back, where Gryffin just chases Edgar!
They absolutely adore each other and play all day long.
Edgar will do anything for a treat. He tries to pre-empt what you want him to do and invariably goes
through his entire repetoir of tricks.
Gryffin will do most tricks, but flatly refuses to roll over on to his back, some things are just not worth
the trouble I guess.
They both tolerate a bath, the hair dryer and the grooming. So we have high hopes when it comes to
their first crop!
Anyway Sam, just wanted to let you know how the 2 pups were getting on.
Take Care, Regards
Hi Sam
Remember us?  I’m sure you’ve had
hundreds of little Springerdoodles pass
through your doors since ours but I
thought you might like a little update.

you believe that?!  He is the most
handsome dog with the most fantastic
temperament I have ever witnessed in a
Daisy was 3 in April and she is such a
little character (my baby!).  She’s a lot
more ‘needy’ than Scooby – I think she’s
a lot more Springer and Scooby’s more
They are both the most wonderful dogs
and we can’t imagine our lives without
I’ve attached a couple of pictures –
Scooby in his favourite place, the sea
and the two of them on the beach
looking in perfect shape 
Hope you’re all well.

Sharon, Mark, Scooby & Daisy xxxx
Scooby & Daisy the Springerdoodles Who now live in
Cheshire with Sharon & Mark
Mr Ted the Springerdoodle who now lives in Neil and family
Evening Sam
Mr Ted has settled in extremely well and has developed a very interesting and funny personality, he is keeping us on our toes and his
daughters friend wanted to take some photo's to use in her photographic studio i have attached for you and some we have taken. He
rather enjoyed watching Crufts and sat glued to the TV. We are still planning on getting a Springer for company in the very near future.
Neil Juli Carri Jaymi and Maisie
Hi Sam, daisy continues to be a delight, she has a friendly nature, is
eager to please and very quick to learn!
Carolyn x
Daisy the Cockapoo who now lives with
Carolyn & Family in the West Midlands
Chewy the Goldendoodle who now lives in
Cornwall with Larry, Mandy & Family
lives in Norway with Christie
Hi Sam!! We are home safe and sound
been sleeping on trains,in taxis,planes
and our boat for the last 24 hrs and all
the new sights, sounds and smells on
our journey! We met kids,chickens and
amazing,calm and collected with
everyone.She didnt pee on our entire
way home,and has been going in the
garden ever since we got home.No
problem at all!Shes sleeping in my bed
for now, but is soon ready to stay on
the floor next to my bed! :) She is
already mastering the stairs and
learning to play with her toys.I couldnt
wish for anything more-She is perfect
and you have done a great job with
her!! Thanks again!!! xxx Christie
Hi Sam, I thought that you might like to see how
Daisy is getting on now that she is 6 months old!
She is growing Carolyn
Coco the Cockapoo who now lives with Amanda
Coco with one of her Playmates angel fast and
Abby the Springerdoodle who now lives in Hertfordshire
Hi Sam,

born last May. She is a little treasure and the most wonderfully
natured dog you could ever have. She is doing so well and is
well and truly part of the Reeve family now.
Thank you, love
Tracy, James, Natalie and Lauren
George Springerdoodle who lives with Anne and family in East Yorkshire
wonderful , very calm and laid back with a very loving and loyal personality!! He was a dream to train and a Hi
Sam just thought I would update you on George who is now coming up to 16 months old.George is absolutely
really well behaved dog from the start, loving long walks now up to 25miles a week (I am now 4ft tall due other
favourite game is getting the washing and chewing pants and socks!! George is admired everywhere we go and
and loves all the attention ( he is very handsome ).People ask us what breed is he and they can't believe that
he is springer doodle because he is so calm. Our family love George very much and he is a great addition to
Ted the Springerdoodle who lives with Lisa and family
in Cumbria
Ted (Izzy and Oz - puppy no 2) has settled in very well and
is growing fast. He is now 13 weeks and turning out very
beautiful. He is good natured and thinks everyone should
say hello to him - which they do - we cannot go anywhere
without being stopped and admired!
Chewy the Goldendoodle who now lives in Cornwall with
Larry, Mandy & Family
Bonnie and also now Willow the Springerdoodles who now live in Cheshire with Emma & Family

very playful and loves her walks at the park where she has made lots of new friends! Everybody comments on
She is absolutely adorable! She settled in really well and only cried on the first night. She is mischievous and
what a beautiful puppy she is with a gorgeous temperament and cheeky face (she thinks everybody should
stop and say hello to her! It takes us ages just to get into the park!) She is growing so fast and really has
become a huge part of our family (spoilt rotten, by her Dad especially!) thank you so much for all your help
Bonnie is fantastic!Emma, Phil and Bonnie!Willow (puppy 5 Izzy and Oz) with her big sister bonnie! The two
loveliest dogs. Willow is a real cheeky little puppy and follows Bonnie everywhere.

Bonnie and willow with their new baby brother Henry! They just don't understand why he won't
throw their ball for them
Vita the Cockapoo who now lives in Berkshire with
Can't believe Vita is 1 year old! Fun loving and curious but also very gentle and
affectionate. She's part of the family and can't imagine life without her now
Bertie the Cockapoo who now lives in Surrey with Sarah & Family
keep him nice and short - this was him just back from the groomers!
Millie the Springerdoodle who now lives in West Hi
and we love her so much!

Hi Sam, Well it's been a week since we brought Mojo home.

He did great on his first night, only cried for 5 mins and then slept right through.
He has certainly made himself at home, toilet training is going well, he's started
bringing toys back to us and takes himself off in his crate when he's tired, bless him.

Mylo is also getting used to him, they are playing tuggy and we've had a few of the
notorious doodle dashes! It's not love yet but think they are going to be great

Can't thank you enough for yet again another perfect pup xxxx
Family in West Yorkshire
Hi Sam this is Rosie from Maizy and Oz litter Feb 2014. She is
doing really well and has learnt lots of tricks. She loves
everyone she meets and is a wonderful dog. Thank you!
Dylan the Springerdoodle who now lives with John & Marion in Yorkshire
Hi Sam
Happy new year from us.
Dylan is coming on fine, having great fun in the snow (pics attached).
Is now 'of the lead' quite a lot when out on the bridlepath, and paths
up to the moors. Recall is good, as is 'walking to heel' as long as
there is not to much distraction.
He socialises well with other dogs and has been good when meeting people.
The funniest thing is his reaction to things on TV  He watches anything
with other dogs, the horizon programme about dogs and humans kept him
busy for nearly the full hour.
He reacts to some strange things though    actors arguing of being
distressed and suspensfull music seem to make him quite worried and
protective. Never had a dog do that before.
Loves the snow and seems quite happy to be out in it.
Longer walks have got to about 2hrs, usually up the lanes towards the
moors, and occasionally up onto the tops. Not encountered any loose
sheep or grouse yet but doesn't seem bothered by the ones in the fields
we walk by.
Best wishes
John Marion and Dylan
Lily the Cockapoo & Tulip the Springerdoodle who now lives in Bedfordshire with Toni & Roy
Hi Sam How are you? Thought you would like to see Tulip and Lily, all grown up now . Tulip coming up to
9 months and Lily at 8 months. They are an absolute delight. Love them to bits. Best wishes Toni x
Juno has been a complete little star.
She was as calm as calm in the car on the way home, no crying, no accidents, just
She wolfed down her tea and asked to go out for poops - amazing, you must have
done a really good job starting off her training. Not so good with wees but she's
already starting to sometimes ask for outside for those too.

She only got us up twice in the night and was really quick to settle once she'd been
taken for a wee and put back in her bed with a few minutes of stroking.
She loves being out in the garden and has had a really giddy morning exploring and
racing me across the lawn. Of course her favourite chew objects are our slippers
when we forget to put them up high but she likes her rope toy too and particularly any
bits of dried plant stems she can find. Bit tricky keeping her off the daffodils.

We're both totally smitten so the only hard part is not letting her get her own way all
the time and teaching her not to chew our fingers. Her first visitors have already been
- they couldn't get over how beautiful she is.

Thanks Sam, we know her star quality is mostly due to all your hard work in the last
eight weeks. Can't think how you managed it with so many puppies.
We love her! A few pics attached for your album.

Simon and Nick
Alfie the Springerdoodle who now lives with Fiona
& Family in Isle of Man
Hi Sam, just a quick update.. this is Alfie ( born Sept
2012) and he’s now a little Manx Man from was certainly
worth the long trip over. So, a big Fiona, Isle of Man x
Deb and family in Manchester
Finlay - Rosie and Oz
x love this little man to bits x
Kevin the Springerdoodle who lives with Caz
and family in East Yorkshire
lives in London with Ilona and family
Tobbe (Lily/Olly Oct 15) a dog show  :) so
proud of him
Perry the Springerdoodle who now lives with
Paula and family in Tyne and Wear
Hi Sam just saying hello and look how big I am now
Perry (puppy 1 peg and oz) I love my ombré hair
That's Lola, Perry's sister (number
9) enjoying a boat ride
Woody the Springerdoodle who now lives
with Sarah & Family in Surrey
So that you can see how badly mistreated Woody
is, this is him using our cat as a pillow !! s
Oreo the Springerdoodle who lives with Brian and family in East Yorkshire
Hi Sam. This is me (Oreo, lilly & olly) with my mummy and daddy meeting some doggy
doctor my mummy likes
Buster the Springerdoodle who lives with Margaret and family
in South Yorkshire
Hi Sam. Buster Ready to celebrate his first birthday. Such a lovely
Rory the Springerdoodle who lives with
Danielle and Liam in East Yorkshire
That's Busters brother rory before his walk this
Chewie the Springerdoodle who now lives with Alex & Family in London
Hi Sam
Thought you might like to see this picture of Chewie the tree climbing dog from
Lu and Oz's November litter .
He's the most wonderful puppy - clever,great fun and we love him to bits!
He house trained easily and is so responsive to learning new things .
We get approached by people all the time asking about him- we gave your
details to a lady we met last night as she was looking for a dog and was so taken
by him.
Thanks for breeding such a great dog!
All the best
Alex, Andy, Barney and Gabriel
Macey the Springerdoodle who now lives
with Diana & family in Essex
Macey's holiday haircut she's loving life such a
happy puppy
Dill pickle the Springerdoodle who now lives with Helen and
family in West Yorkshire
Happy 1st Birthday to Dill Pickle. He has the sweetest nature, an
obsession with balls and water, and can find mischief wherever he
goes. I wouldn't change him for the world. Thank you Sam.
Bella the Springerdoodle who now lives with
Claire and family in East Yorkshire
Bella had a haircut today
Bonnie, Willow and Ella the Springerdoodles love
spending time together
Jess The Cockapoo who now lives with Julia & Family
in West Yorkshire.
Jess is settling in really well and is very adorable and cuddly.
She also loves to play which joe is delighted about. We can't
remember what life was like before! Love Julia
Douggie the Cockapoo who now lives in East
Yorkshire with Nicola and family
Can't believe it's a year since we picked Duggie up
from Sam (Daisy &Oz)
Meg the Springerdoodle who now and
Meg - Fern & Oz), Just enjoying a drive
out with Dad x
Bobby the Springerdoodle who lives with Graham and family in
East Yorkshire
Bobby bear relaxing with his bone after a busy morning, he's a great joy
to all of us ty sam, we love him to bits
Bella the Springerdoodle who now lives with
Nicola and family in Leicestershire
Lupo the Springerdoodle who now lives in Scotland with
Tracy and family
This is Lupo born to Oz and Tess. Best dog ever! X
Elsa the Sprngerdoodle who now lives with Claire and family in Northamptonshire
Despite being an excitable puppy, Elsa has been fab with our newborn. She has managed to sneak the odd kiss but I think we
will allow her that
A beautiful friendship is emerging between Sofia and Elsa :-) they both get a little over excited by eachother but they wouldn't
have it any other way!