Springerdoodle also sometimes known as Sproodles are a cross between a English Springer Spaniel and Poodle.

We have been breeding this cross from our Working Spaniel girls for quite a few years now and have found the breed to be
wonderful family dogs.

Miniature poodles are very quite they make great family dogs they need much less exercise than Spaniels although equally as
bright, they are very soft and friendly
Spaniels again have a wonderful nature but can often be for to busy for family pet and need a lot of exercise.

The cross between the two breeds is ideal, it makes for a fantastic family pet with enough energy to play with the children and go
for family walks etc. With a loving loyal nature eager to please and quick to learn.

They come in chocolate/ chocolate and white or black/ black and white.

Our English springer spaniel's are compact and well built all working bred spaniels. They are all fully trained working dogs and
come from sound, sensible working parents. Our girls stand between 15-19" and Poodle's we use 15-16" so their offspring
makes a English Springer Spaniel size just with a teddy bear type jacket!
We have a litter of Chocolate and white Springerdoodle puppies due.

They are due around mid December meaning they will be ready to go to their new homes mid February.

Mum Pip is a fully trained working bitch, This is to be her first litter, shes a wonderful girl with a lovely soft nature
and i am sure will make a fantastic Mum.

Father is Olly a miniature Chocolate and white Poodle he is BVA eye tested clear and DNA clear for PRA. He
stands 16" tall.

We expect this litter to mature to 16-17"

Puppies will all mature to have that typical doodle teddy bear type coat and be low shedding.

Both parents are fully KC reg and Puppies come with details of parents health checks etc.
Puppy packs with food, feeding toilet training and aftercare guide, free puppy
insurance, a scent blanket from there Mum help them settle into there new homes and
full aftercare advice should you need it!.

Puppies are priced at £650 (£250 deposit and £400 on collection)