English Springer Spaniels are very gentle loving dogs, with a very good nature, the Springerdoodle have the same great easy
going nature of the spaniel but tend to be that bit calmer. Miniature poodles are very quite they make great family dogs they
need much less exercise than Spaniels although equally as bright, they are very soft and friendly
Spaniels again have a wonderful nature but can often be for to busy for family pet and need a lot of exercise.

The cross between the two breeds is ideal, it makes for a fantastic family pet with enough energy to play with the children and
go for family walks etc. With a loving loyal nature eager to please and quick to learn.

They come in chocolate/ chocolate and white or black/ black and white.

Our English springer spaniel's are compact and well built all working bred spaniels. They are all fully trained working dogs and
come from sound, sensible working parents.
We have a litter of Chocolate, chocolate & white Springerdoodle puppies

They will be ready to go to their new homes from September 7th onwards and old enough to meet from Sunday 17th
August onwards.

Mum Jazz, By far our best bred Springer's with 56 of her 62 ancestors in her 5 Generation pedigree being Field trail
champions and winners. She is as bright as a button and was a breeze to train.

Father is Oz a miniature Chocolate Poodle he is BVA eye tested clear and DNA clear for PRA. He stands 15" tall and is
a real character.

We expect this litter to mature to 16-17"

Puppies will all mature to have that typical doodle teddy bear type coat and be low shedding.

Both parents are fully KC reg and Puppies come with details of parents health checks etc.
Puppy packs with food, feeding toilet training and aftercare guide, free puppy
insurance, a scent blanket from there Mum help them settle into there new homes and
full aftercare advice should you need it!.

Puppies are priced at £650 (£250 deposit and £400 on collection)
Jazz and her new brood
Puppy 1 Chocolate dog
RESERVED By The Thompson Family
Puppy 2 Chocolate dog
Puppy 3 Chocolate & White dog
RESERVED By Caroline & Nik
Puppy 4 Chocolate Bitch
RESERVED By Paul and Lesley, Sam & Max
Puppy 7 Chocolate Bitch
RESERVED By The Ratcliffe family
Puppy 6 Chocolate Bitch
Puppy 5 Chocolate Bitch
RESERVED By Ali & Steve
Update 07/08/14
Hi to all the new families. Hopefully you can see their eyes are open! Jazz is doing a wonderful job they are still very baby and
reliant on mum i did however try and gee them up a little they are a lovely settled litter always full and content. Next video i will
have their little collars on so you can all see who is who but for now i hope you enjoy seeing how much they have changed.
This litter are now all Reserved
Hi Everyone
Just a little note on the puppy food your pups will be eating Eukanuba Puppy Medium breed.
The wholesalers where i get my puppy food now sell direct to the public. Its a lot cheaper from
them and includes free delivery. They are also offering £5 off via a voucher code when you
good deal!

I have put a link to the site below to the food they are on Eukanuba puppy medium breed.
The Eukanuba breeder club code in the right hand box to enter is
Then press add code this will take you a further £5 off.
Eukanuba puppy medium breed
Eukanuba also have a great puppy club it covers from collecting your pup right through to
training. Lots of training videos and more discount offers along with a free puppy guide. I
have added you another link to the puppy club below.  You will again need our breeders
code to join free its. You will than also get another £5 voucher
Puppy Club
Update 17/08/14
Collars are on hopefully you can make out who is who.
After having a little feed of mum some of the little ones went right to sleep and others decided to
have a little play hence the second video they looked to cute to miss!
We have just started introducing bedding over their blanket and are going to move them onto
bedding early week then next step is toilet raining at 6 weeks which is always fun. All seven are doing
fantastic and will be starting on food this week so its all go.