I hope this page answer's some of the questions you might have. There are also details below of any
available puppies and planned litters for the coming few months.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have via the contact us page.
All parents are fully KC reg and Puppies come with copies of parents health tests etc, 4 weeks free insurance,
We always keep a list of enquiries regarding litters and
keep prospective owners up to date with the progress of the pregnancy.
When the litter is born we then contact everyone on the enquiries list and start to arrange viewings of the litter from
when the puppies are 3 weeks old. We also up date the website with pictures of the litter and individual pictures of
the puppies.

We sometimes have puppies available at 8 weeks ready to go but generally most of the litter are reserved before
they are 8 weeks old.

We take a lot of pride in breeding and raising the best puppies we can and as soon as they are old enough we
always try and do as much as possible with them. Take them on small car journeys on the school run, have little
trips out in the paddock to meet the chickens and next doors sheep the cats and our older dogs. A puppy needs
to be fully vaccinated (12 weeks old) before they can walk out in public areas but they can be carried to see and
do as much as possible from the age of 6-12 weeks the more people they meet and things they see the better.
We now also have a Facebook page where people can update us
on how their doggies are doing. As well as me adding updates on
planned litters etc. Please hit the link below and like our page.
For planned litters please scroll down this page.
LAST UPDATE 20/02/18

Below are some pictures of our puppies all grown up so you can see how they will look as adults. There are
lots more update pictures on our facebook page.
Thanks to everyone for all the lovely messages and updates (not mandatory but very much appreciated)
Planned Litters
We have Springerdoodles due
Gundogsuk Facebook